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    Customer project

    Lean Leadership – Consistent Presence at the Place of Value Creation

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    Customer project:

    The sustainable turnaround

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    Customer project:

    Leap in quality via Shopfloor Management

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    BestPractice Day 2015

    The leading Lean-Congress on 8th-10th of June 2015 in Darmstadt, Germany

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    Customer project:

    40 % increase in sales thanks to lean transformation

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Your Partner on the way to Top-Performance

International Lean Management Consultancy

for the development of companies and their employees –
from Turnaround to Top-Performance.

Consultants with a wealth of practical and management experience support you and your lean transformation.
Measurable. Practical. Consistent. Persuasive.


Best Berater 2014

Learn through the exchange of experiences with managers, consultants and management coaches how to improve your company in a continuous process.


Experience on site what BestPractice means – in production, purchasing, sales and distribution, development, administration and supply chain.

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