Digital Products and Platforms

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Digital Products and Platforms – re-think industrial value added

The role of platforms as a key competitive factor for companies in Germany

There is hardly any value-added concept that makes digital transformation more significant than new platforms. In the “B2-business”, platforms create the technical basis for the realization of highly scalable business models. BestPractice examples are provided by Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb. They change established rules for the exchange of goods and services in private areas of life and are excellent examples for the disruptive transformation of complete value chains. Increasingly, platforms for the sale of software components or digital moderation of entire value chains are also created in machine engineering as well as in the manufacturing sector. Already today, platforms of pioneers (such as KUKA, AXOOM or Bosch) are developing similar effects like mentioned B2C models. The industrial value added via platforms has just begun in Germany!

This seminar is part of our Certified Digital Executive Program.

  • 2 Days
  • Frankfurt
  • 1590 EUR
  • de

Contents and topics

  • From the device to the cloud – basic functionality of a platform
  • Network and scale effect – how mechanisms unfold their effect in a platform economy
  • Value added next level – platform-based business models and their operation
  • New Players in the Game – new roll distributions for today's market players
  • Make-Buy-Participate – active positioning of the company in the new economic structure
  • What's in for me – interactive development of platform approaches for your own company
Staufen Germany
For Managing Directors and Heads of Logistics / Supply Chain, R&D, IT, Business Development and Sales / Service