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News Germany, 03/20/2018

Study: A lack of innovation processes slows down German global market leaders

Even global market leaders often complain that their innovations require too much time to attain market maturity: approximately 60 percent of companies took a critical stance when surveyed on the time to market for new products. As a rule, money is not the issue. Eight out of ten companies stated that they were well positioned financially with respect to research and development. On the contrary, structural problems are what delay innovation. These are the results of a current study carried out for Staufen consultancy; more than 200 German...

News China, 03/19/2018

Why is there a need for excellence in indirect areas?

More than two decades of traditional Lean Management have led to good results – at a first glance.

Global News, News Germany, 02/14/2018

Industry 4.0 Index: Predictive Maintenance still well below expectations

Three quarters of German industrial companies are not convinced about predictive maintenance. Their performance capability is not sufficient or, at least still upgradeable. Only 6 percent currently see applying predictive maintenance on the basis of process and machine data as being highly beneficial. These are the results of what is now the fourth German Industry 4.0 Index. Approximately 400 German industrial companies were surveyed on behalf of Staufen Consultancy.

Vorstand, Staufen AG (v.l. Markus Riegger, Martin Haas, Michael Hahn, Wilhelm Goschy)

Global News, 01/25/2018

Staufen appoints Michael Hahn and Markus Riegger to management board / Consulting company's sales grow to €56 million

Effectively immediately, Staufen has added members to its management board. In addition to CEO Martin Haas and COO Wilhelm Goschy, the board of the corporate consulting company will now include Michael Hahn and Markus Riegger as well. Hahn's new position entails responsibility for consulting operations and HR development. Riegger will assume management of the international consulting business, in-house qualifications and the Staufen Academy.

News Germany, 01/11/2018

A look ahead at 2018: the year of accelerating

Digital transformation, the platform economy, artificial intelligence – in 2018, these topics will remain at the very top of the agenda for many companies. But anyone who thinks that they have properly done their homework by simply creating a list of technical specifications is sorely mistaken. For quite some time now, the greatest challenge has not been implementing new technologies: it has been dealing with the dynamics underlying the changes ahead. Helping businesses and their employees adjust their way of thinking to this kind of...

Staufen AG ist "Hidden Champions 2018"

Global News, 12/14/2017

Hidden Champions 2018: Staufen defends its title as Germany’s best Lean management consultant

Germany’s top managers have once again named the corporate consultant Staufen the best in the Lean management field, according to the highly-regarded industry study “Hidden Champions 2018.” Dr. Dietmar Fink of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung surveyed over 700 managers at German corporations and mid-sized enterprises. What’s more, Staufen ranked among the finest names in the industry in terms of its expertise in purchasing, R&D, technology management, operating efficiency, shopfloor management, Industry 4.0 and as...