How to find us


Come visit us.

And take the fastest route.


Arrival by public transport

  • S1 direction Kirchheim (departure every 30 minutes) - Travel time 36 minutes; Exit in Wendlingen
  • Continue with bus 151 towards Köngen from ZOB Wendlingen Bstg. 2 (departure every 30 Minutes)
  • Alternatively: continue by bus X10 direction Echterdingen Airport / Messe (SAB) from ZOB Wendlingen Bstg. 3 (departures every 30 minutes)
  • Travel time 7 minutes; Exit at the Rathaus stop in Köngen
  • Walking distance to the castle Köngen about 2 minutes
  • Departure Bus stop Echterdingen Airport / Fair (SAB) Bstg. 1
  • Bus X10 direction Kirchheim (T) Station / ZOB (departure every hour in minute 57)
  • Travel time 22 minutes; Exit at the Kirchheimer Straße stop in Köngen
  • Walking distance to the castle Köngen about 10 minutes