Excellent processes need excellent leadership


How excellence develops.

And what our home has to do with it.

The story of how Staufen was founded is every bit as pragmatic in nature as our approach to work: Martin Haas, an engineer, and Ralf Stokar von Neuforn, who worked in human resources, got to know each other at Daimler. They both agreed that sustainable process developments were only possible when employees developed as well. The outcome was a unique concept which to this day remains the foundation of our entire business model. It is based on our conviction that  process excellence needs leadership excellence. Specifically, this means that changes cannot simply be ordered from above: they have to demonstrated practically every day.

This is why we train executives at our Academy and enable them to establish a sustainable culture of change independently. The region Staufen calls home has always had a major influence on our work: the state of Baden-Württemberg is a strong motor of our economic strength and the veritable cradle of German MSEs. This is a region where people talk to each other, inspire one another and share the knowledge they have acquired. And this corresponds perfectly to our best-practice approach. Top international companies help you make your company into a better company.

  • Founded in 1994

  • €56 million in sales

  • 280 employees

  • 13 locations

  • 14 languages