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Strategic qualifications

Find the right program for your professional development.

In our training programs, we focus our full attention on sustainable empowerment of your managers and employees. In conjunction with our training partners, the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the St. Galler Business School, we have created comprehensive professional-development programs for you that meet the needs of every area of responsibility and the corresponding corporate functions.

In addition to certified Lean and (Lean) Six Sigma programs – ranging from Lean experts and trainers all the way to Lean leaders – we also offer strategic specialist qualifications such as our Kata training program.

In our Executive Leadership Program we help top managers gain discernment and the ability to take action in areas that are relevant, if not critical, to their work: leadership, change management and continuous improvement of structures and employees. The Certified Digital Executive Program supports you in successfully implementing a digital transformation at your company.

In lieu of formal classroom instruction, we concentrate on practical relevance, authentic learning experiences on site with BestPractice companies, solid simulations and exercises held at the workplace. Our trainers have many years of experience as practitioners and coaches, and they will inspire you with numerous examples and case studies.