Value stream analysis 4.0 | PTW Lernfabrik live

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Value stream analysis 4.0 | PTW Lernfabrik live

Methodical connection of industry 4.0 and Lean Production

The value stream analysis (WSA) is a proven method, which aims for significant improvement of the value stream performance. The method is popular due to its’ easy handling. It only needs pen and paper. The connection between material and information flow within the value stream gets clarified, analyzed and optimized. The advantage is the harmonized process improvement instead of isolated improvements, which could worsen the value stream performance. The digitalization of product areas, called “Industry 4.0”, opens new opportunities. With its’ targeted use an additional streamlining and therefore a better performance can be achieved. Value stream analysis 4.0. is based on proven methods of lean production and implements opportunities for digitalization systematically. The aim is to identify actions of improvement. Learn how to research digital potentials in a Brownfield production environment. The focus is finding digital waste on the shop floor as well as practical exercises and Good-Practical-Solutions for I 4.0.


  • 1 Day
  • Darmstadt
  • 740 EUR
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Contents and topics

  • Introduction of industry 4.0 – Discrepancy to Lean?
  • Formation and target – WSA as standard method to improve system performance
  • The classical value stream analysis and its’ limits under consideration of I 4.0
  • Impact of I 4.0 on the four Lean characteristics
  • Shop floor exercises & good practice solutions – Digital waste and value stream analysis 4.0
Staufen Germany
For Managers and Executives from Production, Lean / CIP, Logistics / Supply Chain, Planning / Control, Quality, Purchasing and administrative areas