Smart Factory vs. Dark Factory | SEW live & SFS live

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Smart Factory vs. Dark Factory | SEW live & SFS live

Efficient processes and clever IT solutions

Many manufacturing companies do already apply Lean methods successfully. At the same time, there is an I4.0 media hype. However, in the country of the world's largest IT trade fair, many companies are still reluctant to adapt to the economy of the future. Nearly eight out of ten German companies admit that their executives’ qualification is lagging in the I4.0 development. Every second company has not yet begun to adapt its vision to meet future requirements (see ‘German I4.0 Index’). Also, the prejudice that Smart Factory means a "dark", human-free, and completely robot-controlled work is cleared out of the way! Why? – Because humans and machines complement each other excellently.

We look behind the scenes of the buzzword “I4.0” and show similarities as well as differences in the approaches "Lean" and "I4.0". How can both approaches be linked to a further increase in productivity? Understand the relevance for your own practical work as well as potential challenges to act in a forward-looking manner. Complex topics are taught in a practical way. You will learn more about risks that might come up when implementing Lean and I4.0, about technologies which promise fast successes and about the fact that a Smart Factory is much more than just IT. Live insights into the SEW plant show an excellent combination of both approaches to optimize the production sustainably.

Directions Graben-Neudorf

    Contents and topics

    • Principles and challenges – Why at all a combination of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory
    • Measures and successes – Effective process optimization and efficient on-site implementation
    • Management and analysis – Drive manufacturing with Lean and Smart Factory approaches
    • Arrangement and Transferability – Guiding principles for intelligent factories in a wide range of industries
    Staufen Germany
    Managers in the areas of Production / Logistics / AV, Lean / CIP, Quality, R&D, IT and administrative areas
    Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)