Smart Factory – Go or No-Go?

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Smart Factory – Go or No-Go? | STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX

What are the requirements to get a smart factory started?

Are you still thinking about which value-added digitalization solutions are the “right” ones specifically for your factory? In this case, you are not alone! Almost all manufacturing companies are faced with the decision of "entering into smart factory solutions or not"? Anyone who has approached the topic with little or no experience so far, finds it difficult to deal with digitalization or how I4.0 helps their own company to produce more flexible and more cost-effective. Even if the basic context is understood so far, it is often not easy to transfer the concept of digitalization from an abstract to an applicable level. A sustainable implementation on your own shop floor, often remains an idea. We provide answers to the question of how digitalization changes the existing economic structure and what impacts it has on value-adding and supporting business processes. Relevant terms are explained using BestPractice examples to create a common basic understanding. Focus is on benefits for the classic company target triangle, consisting of "time, quality and costs". You will learn pragmatic methods and tools to concretize own projects. Based on this understanding, you will develop smart production solutions for your company and learn step by step how to start your digital transformation.

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Contents and topics

  • Economy meets Digitalization – How the modern business world is changing
  • Why Digitalization – Dos & Don'ts for getting started
  • From connoisseur to master – Production-oriented practical examples for more clarity in the I4.0 jungle
  • Benefits – Digitalization and the classic goal of production: time, quality, cost
  • Methods and tools – Identification of digital applications in your own company
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Managers in the areas of Production / Logistics / Planning, Lean / CIP, Quality, R&D and IT