Smart Data

Digital Transformation Academy

Smart Data – A pragmatic entry for industrial users

Data analytics and strategies to succeed in the new data-driven age

Smart Data is one of the most common buzzwords in the context of the digitalization of enterprises. However, even today – even though there are many potential users – there is a strong uncertainty about technical and mathematical methods behind big data analysis. Specific application benefits are still unclear. So are the prerequisites that must be fulfilled for a meaningful application regarding the targeted output quality of data. The digital transformation and a steadily increasing number of processes, forces companies to develop a basic understanding of the data landscape in their own environment. Based on this, relevant questions must be identified – e.g. in process optimization or prediction modelling. Get to know the basic technological approaches and principles behind `Big Data Analytics´. Understand the increasing importance of data and its quality for the future success of your company. Based on case studies, you learn how to make crucial decisions on Big Data applications in selected areas and processes. Reliable and sustainable.

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  • 1 Day
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Contents and topics

  • Big Data basics – Concepts, basics, and pracital tools for data analysis
  • Data semantics – Obtaining knowledge from data of various sources
  • Data quality – Central prerequisites for the availability of existing data in your company
  • Big Data analytics projects on the road – Roadmap and use of your own data
Staufen Germany
Managing Directors, Plant Managers and Executives from Production, Lean / CIP, Logistics / Supply Chain, Planning / Control, Quality, R&D and IT