Experience Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation Academy

Experience Industry 4.0

Benefit from innovational spirit and implementation expertise by means of efficient, versatile production systems. Hereby you will undergo how to realize an expanding product variety economically and how to handle rising complexity among the production process. A seamless linking of each manufacturing step with the corresponding resources to an intelligent overall process allows to integrate support processes efficiently and to support humans by equipment and information in an ideal way. This is not just the foundation for more flexibility but reduces waste noticeably in the overall system at the same time.

This seminar is part of our Certified Digital Executive Program.

Directions Graben-Neudorf

  • 2 Days
  • Graben-Neudorf
  • 1490 EUR
  • de

Contents and topics

  • Challenges of tomorrow’s working environment: potentials and risks of social and technological drivers for your company
  • Smart Automation – supporting humans instead of replacing them: how collaborative working systems realize individual products flexibly and economically in lot size 1
  • Lean meets I 4.0: Chances of I 4.0 elements and how the Lean Management approach obtains corresponding prerequisites
  • The SEW way: How a top performance company strikes towards the digital future
Staufen Germany
Managers in the areas of Production / Logistics / AV, Lean / CIP, Quality, IT and administrative areas
Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)