Design Thinking

User-oriented innovation and complex problem solving

Both in the optimization of production processes within the factory as well as in the development of smart products, digital transformation requires leaving abandoned paths. In the context of digitization, it is recommended to focus on the user and his benefit rather than on technological aspects. As a result, Design Thinking has established as an innovative approach. With this method, an interdisciplinary team develops innovative new products and services. The approach is to understand the problem first before then finding solutions. The method follows a clear structure. It is iterative and at the same time it leaves space for new visions. Focus is always on the user! New approaches are implemented by prototypes as quickly and as minimalist as possible to obtain feedback at an early stage already. This is the basis for improvements of the solution approach and a next iteration. Design Thinking – a philosophy that leads to unconventional and successful products, services, and processes with great potential to influence the agility and innovation capability of an organization! Get an overview of the Design Thinking method and its underlying mindset. Experience the creative spirit of this method. By reflecting the gained experiences, you will be able to assess the scope and impact of the approach in your own company. You will be able to select a pilot area for your own initial project. Get to know the nature of agile development and become aware of the importance for your own company.

This seminar is part of our Certified Digital Executive Program.


  • 2 Days
  • Nuremberg
  • 1340 EUR
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Contents and topics

You will gain an overview of the design thinking method and its potential to exert a far-reaching influence on your capacity for innovation. Learn what agile development actually involves and how to assess its significance for your company. By critically reflecting on the experiences you have gained, you will learn to assess the scope and impact of the approach at your own company and also be in a position to select a pilot area for your own first steps.

  • A step-by-step approach from understanding the problem to developing a solution to the prototyping and testing phases
  • Working in a team and performing a complete design thinking cycle
  • Targeted acceleration of the innovation cycle
  • Basics of collaboration in line with agile principles
  • Framework conditions for a practical introduction and your own successful implementation
Staufen Germany
Specialists and Managers from all areas