Our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience.

Competence and experience on call.

Trainer with competence and experience.

It goes without saying that our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience. What else makes them so remarkable? All of our trainers have backgrounds in the industry. They themselves were managers and executives for many years, and they of all people understand the tasks which their

participants and coachees face. Instead of teaching vague theory, they all offer valuable and tried-and-true experience for a practical approach to everyday work life. And they do so in a agreeably authentic and approachable way. You’ll see: learning from them is a pleasure.

Othmar Zemp has many years of leadership experience in product development, specialising in the areas of machine and apparatus construction, optical measuring systems and automation. As a lecturer at the Fachhochschule Solothurn Othmar Zemp had been teaching construction, material science and production. The industrialisation of new products as well as a suitable construction were the key aspects of the technology transfer. After finishing his part-time postgraduate studies in market-oriented management Othmar Zemp joined Schindler Aufzüge AG. Under his leadership as the managing director of Schindler Berufsbildung Department, it was transformed into an independent and self-sustaining organisation within Schindler. As a consultant for production processes at TRUMPF Maschinen AG Othmar Zemp supported many internal production sites as well as external companies in the introduction, implementation and continuous improvement of the SYNCHRO production system. At PFISTERER Othmar Zemp was head of the components production department with 50 employees.
 Felix Zhong
After completing his bachelor's degree in medical technology, Felix Zhong graduated with a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University in Munich. The Master's degree focused on regulation- and medical technology. He has already gained a consulting experience at Bryanston Ressources GmbH in the field of market analysis of raw materials. At the BMW AG, Felix Zhong was responsible for brake control and data analysis in the area of driver assistance systems. Since the middle of 2015 Felix Zhong has been a consultant at Staufen AG and in Lean projects in the process industry.