Our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience.

Competence and experience on call.

Trainer with competence and experience.

It goes without saying that our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience. What else makes them so remarkable? All of our trainers have backgrounds in the industry. They themselves were managers and executives for many years, and they of all people understand the tasks which their

participants and coachees face. Instead of teaching vague theory, they all offer valuable and tried-and-true experience for a practical approach to everyday work life. And they do so in a agreeably authentic and approachable way. You’ll see: learning from them is a pleasure.

 Timm Datta

Current and future trainings of this trainer

Timm Datta already dealt intensively with the Lean approach during his studies as an economic engineer. Among other things, he was involved in the development of an implementation tool for TPM in SMEs and dealt with lean processes in financial consulting. As project manager at Bosch Diesel Systems in India, he was responsible for the planning and successful implementation of a lean value stream. Timm Datta dealt with the conversion of the production control system, the related processes and their introduction on the shop floor. In addition, he developed a training concept to raise awareness about the Lean approach. For the Staufen AG, Timm Datta developed a praxistool for the application of the Design to Lean Production in cooperation with leading German industrial companies. Timm Datta has been with Staufen AG since 2014.

Current and future trainings of this trainer

Sascha Dede has long-standing experience within electronic-, plastic- and sheet metal production industry. His main focus was the improving of production and assembly processes according to lean principles. As project manager he was responsible for the industrialisation of new products within the named production processes.
Sascha Dede has been working for Staufen.Inova AG since 2017.
 Maximilian Drexler

Current and future trainings of this trainer

Maximilian Drexler, born on October 10th 1988 in Rosenheim, began his studies in the department of industrial engineering and subsequently completed his master`s degree in the field of intercultural enterprise and technology management. As part of his master`s degree, he started his professional career at the consultancy company U2 GmbH in Stuttgart. After successfully completing his thesis, he worked there for the next tow years as a Lean Management Consultant. In the year 2015, Mr. Drexler moved to Switzerland to work as a Lean Manager for the ELESTA GmbH. Since May 2017, he changed in the position as Head of Lean Management. The efficient use of available resources, processes that control themselves, communication that creates transparency and the next steps on the way to become an agile organization are just a few focus topics of the Lean Team at ELESTA.