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The Hancho | BMW live

Guarantor for process stability, high productivity and CIP

In the introduction of Lean Production systems, the focus is often solely on implementing methods and tools that are subsequently maintained through Lean Experts or as the result of the cost pressure of efficiency increasing Programs. If the Lean Philosophy is not firmly anchored within the leadership and structure of the organisation, sustainability is generally very low. The CIP is only sporadically implemented in projects. For daily work on sustainable solutions, it is necessary for the organisation to dedicate a specific change reserve: BMW decided to introduce a new organisational structure. In this organisation, the foreman (‘Hancho’) acts between the supervisor, due to his wide control span, who cannot focus on the details of standardised work, and the workers. His remit is to take control of the technical leadership of a small team, regularly checking the adherence to standards, providing support during process disturbances and the continous leading of structured problem solving processes. Learn about the tasks of the Hancho. Understand why a 100% ’exempted’ foreman is worthwhile and find out about what must be considered in the introduction.

Directions Landshut

  • 1 Day
  • Landshut
  • 840 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • The role of the Hancho in the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
  • The interplay between new working organisations, WPS production systems and shop floor management
  • From theory to practice: how the role of the Hancho at BMW Landshut is implemented and practised successfully
  • Go&See, Discussion and exchange of experiences
Staufen Germany
CEOs, Managers production / logistics / AV, Lean / CIP and quality
Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)