Lean Leadership Advanced

Management- and Leadership Training

Lean Leadership Advanced

  • Leaders can play mentor role in certain situation
  • Give right feedback respectively and professionally
  • Improve reflection ability (for yourself and others)
  • Successful leading by questioning and using questioning techniques in right situation



  • 2 Days
  • Köngen
  • 2890 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • Situational management and cooperative leadership style as a basis for success
  • Relationship among value, attitudes, and behavior
  • The mentor mentee principle as the foundation of learning organization
  • Leading by questioning / questioning techniques
  • The leading target as the basis for reflection and feedback
  • Success factors for leading in international environment
  • Introduction of “Blue Sky” methodology
Staufen Germany
Managers in areas of lean / CIP, business development, quality, purchasing, R&D, sales / service, production / logistics / planning and other administrative areas
Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)