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Leadership Upgrade

Overthinking leadership

Nowadays, the fast pace of the economy can turn into an odyssey for many companies. Personnel strategic decisions which seem reasonable today might prove to be „wrong“ in only a few years time. Considering the present VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), managers can only limitedly estimate how their market will develop in the medium term and which harmful effects will arise for their business model. In a word; in an environment in which prognostic expressiveness hardly exists and permanently change, 'proper‘ leadership will become a success factor in the company development. Additionally, the range of employee personalities and their needs become more versatile and keywords like Generation Y, Diversification and Work-Life-Balance gain in importance. In future, good employees will become even less and your investment in the labor market to win them over are accordingly high. This challenge requires alertness and sensibility. To be without a compass which helps to stay on track leaves several managers to percept the future as a threat. The sharpening of the awareness plays a leading role to gain safety in the balance of 'conversion’ on the one hand and 'identity' on the other hand. Be aware to scrutinize your values and to reflect your leadership style! We offer you concrete tools to be able to establish a successful change in the world of work. Create guides for your everyday management and find answers to the question „What will I do differently starting from tomorrow (and how can I improve it)?"


  • 2 Days
  • Köngen
  • 1490 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • Always on track – Requirements on management behavior of the future
  • How values occur – Make the incomprehensible tangible
  • Mind full vs. Mindfull – Reflect values, sharp the awareness, organize thoughts
  • Carefulness as power source – Management success through courage, awareness and intuition
  • Breakup – success factor 'leadership' within the business development (by the example of Max Holder GmbH)
  • Test? Wait? Act? – When to put on when everything constantly changes?
  • Guide and tools for own everyday management – What will I do differently starting from tomorrow and how can I improve it?
Staufen Germany
Managers, Directors and Executives from all divisions
Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)