II. Lean Purchasing

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II. Lean Purchasing

Methods for Lean Purchase

Lean Purchasing leads to a lasting increase in your purchase performance. In addition to the traditional aim of reducing the costs of material supply, the focus is also on the avoidance of waste and the shortening of lead times. The important feature in this is the integration of suppliers on a partnership basis. This results in final costs being reduced and the quality and adherence to delivery dates secured. Lean Purchasing is thus an essential element in your future competitive advantage.

Module 1 and 2 must be booked together.



  • 2 Days, 3 Days
  • Cologne (Module 1), Cologne (Module 2)
  • 1445 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • Processes: early involvement of purchasing into development processes: (product innovation and product development process) or rather into value creation processes (purchasing logistics (source), production (make), distribution logistics (deliver) / typical purchasing processes as well as their design with the aid of the ‘level’ approach (from generic to detailed process descriptions)

  • Purchasing of goods (materials, goods and services): category management including product and material group management / purchasing categories (specifications and requirements for the approval of suppliers, design of contracts and processing of orders)

  • Supplier management: Lean Management approach/ 5 elements of supplier management (portfolio, search, selection, management and development)

  • Management: purchasing principles / organisational structure and shop floor management in purchasing

  • Staff competency: knowledge management, performance management and competency management

  • Continuous improvement: prioritisation of spheres of activity in purchasing with the aid of Quick Checks / control levers for the improvement of quality, costs and supplier performance

  • Comprehension test, final discussion, feedback, certificates


From 2018 on: incl. web based training  "Lean Basics" in advance of the training

Staufen Germany
For future improvement experts, team, group or project managers from purchasing, R&D, sales / service and other administrative areas