II. Lean Assembly (low volume production)

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II. Lean Assembly for low volume production and long takt time

Practical and professional skills for lean assembly experts

You are challenged with bringing bulky products to the assembly in flow? Your small series assembly, with a high degree of customer specific characteristics makes the logistics difficult? In this workshop, you will learn how large work contents can be takted and how through the use of a model mix, variations in work contents can be compensated. You will see how through a just-in-sequence material provision in pre-assembly and customer specific components directly to the line, large amounts of waste can be reduced.


  • 5 Days
  • Luzern, Rastatt
  • 2890 EUR, 3290 CHF
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • One-piece-flow (OPF) and standard work: One-piece-flow as the ideal in lean production / practical exercise: recognition of waste / standard work in theory and simulation
  • Customer takt and cycle time: balancing cycle times through customer takt orientation / practical exercise: activity analysis in the assembly process / line balancing and model mix / practical exercise: design of a model mix assembly line / modularisation to balance of the final assembly
  • Assembly design: eight design principles of an assembly station within a flow process / practical exercise: layout planning for a final assembly and a pre-assembly station
  • Logistics connection and Cardboard Engineering: material flow control according to the Pull principle with internal and external material flows / practical exercise: planning the just-in-sequence connexion between a pre-assembly station and the main assembly line / Cardboard Engineering to simulate the pre-assembly process
  • Visualisation and deviation management: implementation of visualisation in the cardboard model / practical exercise: contributions from other company functions needed to optimise the flow
  • Comprehension test, final discussion, feedback and certification


From 2018 on: incl. web based training  "Lean Basics" in advance of the training

Staufen Germany
Future improvement experts, managers and employees in the areas of assembly, planning or other related areas