Heijunka – levelling and smoothing of production

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Heijunka – levelling and smoothing of production

Production planning in lean value creation systems

Since the 1960s, a large part of production planning practice has been guided by the methodology of MRP (material requirements planning) and subsequently the advanced systems of ERP and ERP II up to advanced planning systems, as realised in SAP APO (SAP advanced planning and optimisation). At the same time, planning procedures were developed for Lean production systems which could equally handle a large number of product variants and contribute towards greater transparency and thus the continuous improvement of processes. In this workshop, you will learn through theory and joint experiments how such systems work and how to set them up.


  • 2 Days
  • Köngen
  • 1340 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • Basics and principles of Lean Production
  • Construction of a multi-stage production system with smoothed production:
    • Round 1: simulation of a push production – analysis
    • Round 2: development of smoothed and levelled production (EPEI calculation, establishing a production pattern, design of the future value stream, dimensioning of the supermarket)
    • Round 3: implementation of further optimisation potential, management according to consumption or customer orders
Staufen Germany
Managers and experts in the areas of production / planning / logistics, work preparation or CIP / Lean