A3 - problem-solving according to Toyota

Training for specialists

A3 - Practical problem-solving according to Toyota

Solve problems quickly and in a structured manner

PPS (practical problem solving) is the engine of continuous improvement, which in turn is the backbone of the Toyota production system. Root causes of problems are revealed with PPS and sustainable improvements developed. Solving problems is how an organisation learns. The more managers and employees learn and mutually communicate what they have learned, the closer a company is to becoming a 'learning organisation'. After 40 years of Lean, one method remains outstanding: the A3 Report. Compared by many users with the 8D Report which is used merely as a form of complaints handling, the A3 Report enforces the development of problem solving skills. The mentor guides his mentee with the help of the report to an unbiased perception of the problem, as free from judgement as possible, in order to find the true root cause.


  • 3 Days
  • Metzingen
  • 1790 EUR
  • DE

Contents and topics

  • Practical application using a real problem at the plant Max Holder
  • Compilation and visual preparation of figures, data, and facts
  • Possible effects of A3 reports on leadership tasks
  • A3 as an integrational method e.g. of Ishikawa and 5W for a profound cause analysis
  • Risks and added value of 5W
  • Distinction between fault and problem and symptom, cause and effect
Staufen Germany
Managers and experts in the areas of production, quality, logistics, development or CIP
Credits (Lean Leader Qualification)