Turnaround Management


Solutions for successful restructuring.

Companies face special challenges when confronted with crisis situations.

Companies face special challenges when confronted with crisis situations such as an upcoming restructuring or reorganization. These phases are often defined by stressful in-house discussions about the potential causes of the crisis, a lack of clarity about the necessary countermeasures, insecurity about future perspectives, and critical conversations with banks and investors about further economic development and financing. In times such as these, expedient and rapid decisions and consistent actions are needed. Within the shortest time possible, our consultants provide comprehensive transparency by performing a technically solid and objective assessment of your baseline situation.

This includes identification of weak points and their causes as well as developing custom-tailored solution concepts which take economic consequences into account. This quickly gives you a solid foundation for management and committees to make decisions. Our particular strength is our ability to implement things consistently.

With our help, you will soon achieve measurable results — no matter whether you are facing restructuring or reorganization. Systematically applying Lean principles ensures the long-term sustainability of implementing these changes successfully.

What you get

  • Clarity thanks to a well-founded and objective assessment
  • Identifying weak points and their causes
  • Fast and consistent implementation of measurable results
  • Systematic application of Lean principles to ensure that sustainable successes are implemented
  • Evaluating economic consequences 
  • Creating a solid foundation for decisions by management and committees

What we offer

Reorganization survey – creating comprehensive transparency that complies with the appropriate standards

Business plan review – validating and checking the plausibility of the projections of the business plan

Potential analysis – identifying, quantifying and prioritizing P&L and cash-relevant levers

Profit improvement programs – operationalizing and managing potential and the necessary measures

Holistic restructuring – future-forward business models, processes and corporate structures

Corporate strategies – positioning the company to align with the market and the competition

Cash-flow management – securing liquidity and designing financing structures

Transaction consulting – corporate assessment, due diligence and post-merger integration




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