Supply Chain Management


Agile, efficient and smooth supply chains.

The network of parties in the value-chain process is growing more and more.

The network of parties involved in the value-chain process is growing more and more complex – especially due to the globalization of sales markets, production sites and sourcing markets. Companies will have a significant competitive advantage if they have a solid command of this complex value network and can professionally manage the C2C process, i.e. efficiently providing the right goods on site at the right time. The supply chain has developed into a distinguishing feature among international competitors, and its performance is often critical when your clients assign bids. Innovative supply chains are defined by their strong orientation towards customers, excellent performance and high flexibility and agility in response to new market and business demands. 

We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the supply-chain matrix and have a solid command of every level of its requirements. We support you in optimizing your supply-chain processes, structures and networks, and in doing so we always focus on achieving the ideal output for the entire process. By initially focusing on fast and sustainable successes in pilot areas, we create a momentum towards change that optimizes the entire process.

With our international network of companies throughout Europe and in Asia, we can implement client- and market-specific tasks on a global level flexibly and quickly.

What we offer

  • Order processing – consistent C2C process
  • Make or buy – designing the proper depth of the value chain
  • Supply chain network – optimizing program planning and controlling
  • Supply chain organization – structuring consistent responsibilities
  • Control systems – for greater transparency and better foundations for decision-making
  • Inventory optimization – meeting customer needs with minimal inventory

What you get

  1. Lowering the lead time of your supply chain and increasing your delivery reliability
  2. Improving your process efficiently and increasing customer satisfaction
  3. Reducing inventory and work-in-process
  4. Creating a USP among international competitors






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