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News Germany, 09/05/2017

Study: Three out of four companies in the automobile industry are worried that their products will be displaced // However, the current management culture still stands in the way of the sector’s ability to transform

Just a few short days before the International Motor Show (IAA), the industry continues to get bad press. The arrogance that the entire automobile industry is often criticized for is much too general a judgement, one that many mid-sized suppliers feel is unfair, according to a recent questionnaire sent out by Staufen Consultancy. As per the questionnaire, 75 percent of automobile industry companies believe that their products run a high or even very high risk of being displaced. And every second company actually feels that their entire company...

News Germany, 08/31/2017

German Industry 4.0 Index 2017: Third consecutive increase / Digitalization is now operational in every second company / Implementation in indirect areas is picking up speed

The German Industry 4.0 Index has continued to climb since Staufen Consultancy started collecting data for the index in 2014. This year, it reached a rating of 41 out of 100 possible points, its highest value to date. Almost all companies have recognized that they can no longer avoid digital transformation. Whereas last year, one-third of companies were still in the observation phase, now only one-quarter is making do with analyzing this potential. 48 percent of companies have actually already gone through the ensuing planning and test phase....

News China, 08/04/2017


Interview with Mrs. Maria Ma, Director of Siemens Production System-3i/EHS, Siemens Mechanical Drive Systems, Tianjin