News Germany, 09/26/2017

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Staufen Academy cooperates with St. Galler Business School // Top executives get up to speed for the economic and digital transformation

Staufen Academy is further expanding on its offerings for top managers by responding to executives’ growing need for direction and further education in this era of transformation. Together with the St. Galler Business School and other renowned partners, Staufen Academy will be offering the new “Executive Leadership Program”. Focusing on the five areas of competency – lean, digital, strategy, change and personality – managers and top-level executives will learn how they and their company can keep up with an increasingly dynamic world.

Every top manager needs his or her own, customized “leadership toolbox” and has specific strengths, weakness and requirements. Staufen Academy’s new seminar concept takes all this into account. To unite the best from the worlds of strategy, lean and leadership, the Academy teamed up with other experts.

“In St. Galler Business School we have a partner that brings strategic management to the highest level”, explains a content Markus Franz, Staufen Academy director. “In terms of approach, we fit together perfectly – with an offering that is highly founded in practice and implementation, and which has the involvement of a large number of excellent industrial businesses, such as BMW, Hilti or SEW.”

This concept is also applied to seminars offered by the St. Galler Business School: learning through highly relevant, practical knowledge, both with respect to the subject matter being taught and the prevailing circumstances. “Offerings for top management training are more important than ever”, acknowledges Dr. Christian Abegglen, Executive Director of the St. Galler Business School. “Today’s business leaders are faced with colossal challenges. We sense that they have a pressing need to develop strategies that will allow them to operate successfully in this era of significant technological transformation.”

Professor Daniel T. Jones, another of Staufen Academy’s partners, will also contribute towards conveying these skills to executives. He is one of the founders of lean management philosophy in the western world and a well-known author. Professor Jones has been training and providing coaching to senior executives for more than 25 years.

Under the new program, Staufen’s experts, Digital Neonex, will be providing training in digital clusters. The Staufen AG subsidiary provides support to medium-sized industrial companies undergoing digital transformation.

“We have brought together the most outstanding experts for this executive leadership program. We have integrated topics and linked them together into comprehensive programs. The goal is to teach executives how to turn their companies into agile, learning organizations”, explains Academy director Franz. “Because this will put them in the position to successfully tackle all the external challenges they will face. Currently, there are two key factors to success that apply across all sectors: the ability to adapt and the ability to learn quickly.

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