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News Germany, 06/19/2018

Automotive study: Networking is both a blessing and a curse for suppliers

The automotive sector is facing a number of challenges, ranging from self-driving cars to e-mobility. Nevertheless, business is still booming among German automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their major suppliers (Tier 1). According to a recent survey which the corporate consultants at Staufen conducted among global market leaders in Germany, 58% of these companies generate profits at a rate above the market average. The situation is not the same for mid-sized and smaller automotive suppliers, however. only one in three of these companies come...

Lars Thomsen, founder and chief futurist of the think tank future matters

News Mexico, 06/14/2018

Why even someone researching the future is running out of time.

Lars Thomsen, the founder and chief futurist of the think tank future matters, anticipates that artificial intelligence (AI) will give rise to major changes even in the near future – not only in the economy, but in how we interpret work and management.

News Germany, 06/06/2018

Innovation as a service: keeping mid-sized enterprises part of the race towards the business world of tomorrow

Despite the fact that the culture of innovation is still enjoying great successes, the topic is gradually becoming an issue of concern within the German industry. Even among major companies, half of the 210 German global market leaders surveyed consider their own innovation process to be rather unprofessional, according to current research conducted by the corporate consultants at Staufen. Whereas larger companies are generally able to take matters into their own hands, smaller and mid-sized enterprises often simply lack the necessary resources...

News Germany, 05/17/2018

Best Strategy 2018 study: Corporate culture is what turbo-boosts profits for global market leaders in Germany

Successful global market leaders in Germany owe their standing in no small part to their corporate culture. 75% of leading companies with above-average profits see it as a crucial success factor. Global market leaders with only average profits draw upon this asset on a far less frequent basis: corporate culture plays a decisive role in only 56% of these companies. And in companies which perform below average, 47% prioritize corporate culture, according to the findings of the current study entitled "Best Strategy 2018." Staufen, the corporate...

News China, 05/07/2018

Lean passenger handling and why the customer perspective matters.

In our last article on aviation we were raising the question as to whether aviation ground operations can be deemed Lean. Undoubtedly, triggered by the rise of low cost carriers and increasing cost pressure, the industry has achieved to reduce turnaround times to astonishingly short time windows during recent decades. However, taking this accomplishment as evidence of the industry being Lean is a frequent misconception.

BestPractice Day 2018

News Germany, 05/03/2018

BestPractice Day 2018: This is how businesses speed up their adaptability / International top speakers reveal approaches at Europe’s leading lean management convention

The rules of the game have changed. Those who want to be at the head of the pack have to keep moving! That’s because the environment we’re familiar with is changing at breakneck speed. New, agile competitors are tackling existing business models at a rapid pace – in almost all sectors. This is the impetus behind the motto for this year’s BestPractice Day, taking place in Darmstadt from July 3 to 4, 2018: "Learn. Lead. Design the Change.”