Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Management supports the consistent development of on-site processes and procedures. The presence of management in production areas and their focus on deviations from standards dramatically speeds up decision-making and results in the immediate implementation of solutions.

Shop Floor Management clearly defines management tasks and requires special modes of behavior. Management is supported by the application of specific tools.

Five Shop Floor Management-related tasks are carried out on-site and are as follows:

  1. Carry out regular communication
  2. Confirm processes
  3. Enable employees
  4. Carry out continuous process improvement
  5. Solve problems in a structured manner

SFM exemplifies behavior that encourages employees to solve problems within their scope of competencies and initiate improvements. For example, management keeps its comments to a minimum, only makes binding commitments, gives but also accepts feedback, gains its own perspective of a situation, allows mistakes in learning situations, does not lay blame and puts in place questioning techniques.

SFM tools support the effectiveness of management, e.g. production diary, KPI charts, problem-solving sheet, T-cards.