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Management Impulses

Leading the Lean Transformation to success - 1 day with Prof. Daniel T. Jones

Leading a sustained Lean Transformation

CEOs, plant managers, managers and heads of CIP, business development, quality, purchasing, development, sales / service, production / logistics / production planning und administrative areas

HINT: Prof. Daniel T. Jones will present in English. Every participant will receive one exemplary of Prof. Jones‘ new book: „Lean Strategy".

For this training, you will receive 1 Credit Point towards our training course to become a Certified Lean Leader

Dates for this topic

Date Place Language Trainer Net price Registration
22.11.2017 Köngen/DE English Roland Beuter, Prof. Daniel T. Jones € 990,– Registration

Why this training

Lean has to be led from the top if it is to be sustained, and yet there is still a lot of confusion about what this means for leaders. This workshop will reflect on experiences to date and what it takes to turn learning at every level into business results. What do leaders need to learn and how can they build the capabilities for dynamic continuous improvement rather than optimization throughout the organization? The workshop will comprise a series of structured discussions defining current challenges and the next steps each leader can take.

Programme content

  • Keynote: The evolution of lean & Toyota's lean strategy
  • Group Work
  • Topic 1: What is lean strategy? What is the business case for lean?
  • Topic 2: What is lean thinking for leaders? From problem finding to problem solving. Leading from the ground up People-centric or people-free solutions?
  • Topic 3: What does respect for people mean? What is the role of line management & teams in creating stability & continuous improvement?
  • Keynote: Toyota Production System as a learning system
  • Group Work
  • Topic 4: Are we creating reusable learning or reusable knowledge? How to use Gemba walks?
  • Topic 5: Embodying learning from users and production into next generation products? How do Chief Engineers lead new product development and innovation? 
  • Topic 6: Evaluation and implications – the gap between now and the desired future
  • Keynote: Summarizing the key lessons for Lean Leaders