Trainer at the Staufen-Seminar 'Lean Assembly'


Training for Experts and Trainers

III. Advanced training

Enhance your social, leadership and teaching skills

Future Lean / CIP trainers who already have workshop experience

Dates for this topic

Date Place Language Trainer Net price Registration
29.05.–02.06.2017 Köngen/DE German Christoph Arndt, Rainer Voelker € 2.790,– Registration
10.–14.07.2017 Köngen/DE German Christoph Arndt, Axel Braun, Hanno Ludwig € 2.790,– Registration
06.–10.11.2017 German Urban Caluori, Daniel de Jong No location selected! Registration
27.11.–01.12.2017 Köngen/DE German Axel Braun, Johannes Schmitt € 2.790,– Registration

Why this training

Change requires reserve capacities. Only companies with such reserves can be successful in delivering change initiatives. Are you looking for a professional approach to organise your improvement process and establish your own change organisation? Such initiatives are led by the head of the CIP office, who is responsible for the development of the Lean trainers. Lean trainers have cross-functional expertise, they are the 'sparring partners' for management and employees, and in professional terms are responsible for the Lean conformity of company development. This task calls for individuals with an in-depth knowledge of BestPractices across all company divisions and a readiness to assume a leadership role. Furthermore, Lean trainers require strong presentation, methodological and social skills.

Programme content

  • Developing technological and methodological competencies: within the CIP office / presentation of just-in-time (JIT) simulation: exercise: 'learning by teaching'
  • Developing social and management competencies: mechanisms of successful qualification / motivation theories, leadership principles and styles / exercise: 'management in practice'
  • Practical workshop (1.5 days on-site): current state analysis of an actual challenge / presentation of interim results to management, feedback / target concept and implementation of emergency measures / creation of CIP protocols, documentation of results / final presentation
  • Developing communicative competence: convey lean knowledge and analysis methods
  • Developing leadership competency: exercise: 'mediation of analysis methods and techniques'
  • Comprehension test, final discussion, feedback and certification

Methodology and benefits for your work

You will further develop your specialist know-how and learn to deal with the difficulties involved in training others. Work with other future trainers on real processes on the shop floor and improve your coaching skills. Ultimately you will be able to put your advanced management, professional and methodological skills to good use at your company.

Begin first day: 8:45 am
End last day: 4:00 pm