Maquet Getinge Group - Success Story

Maquet Getinge Group - Success Story

Operation Future – Lean Transformation in Rastatt


                     “We deliver the same performance with less resources”

                     - Jan Merker, Managing Director, Maquet GmbH

Towards top performance in 30 months

An operation room by Maquet: Optimized for the working processes.

With the medical evolution, Maquet turned from a medium-sized operation table manufacturer to a market leader in the area of wide-ranging therapeutic solutions for the hospital sector. Maquet turned into one of the leading companies in the highly growing medicine technique branch by offering innovative therapy and infrastructure solutions in acute sectors of hospitals – such as operation rooms, hybrid op’s/catheter laboratory, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) as well as patient transportation within the hospital. With the decision taken to take the journey towards Lean Transformation, the Staufen AG was involved as a strategical partner in the company. With the task of support sustainably the cultural change as a process advisor, moderator and coach. The project had had his commence in January 2015, and an overall duration of 30 months. 

The results exceed all expectations

Jan Merker, Maquet GmbH

The lead time was reduced from six days to one. The inventory was reduced by 30 percent, the space requirement even by 60 per cent. The productivity of the assembly area was doubled. The Lean Transformation at Maquet is still going on. Jan Merker sees the company on a Lean journey, which will continuously lead to more improvements. Nowadays the manager understands themselves as facility managers, “people who make things happen”. Each individual is involved to care about improvements.


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