Working at Staufen

If you expect top performance, you have to lead by example.

For the third time in a row honored as "Great Place to Work".

We know that if our employees are doing well, our company will do well too in the long run. And we do quite a bit to make that happen. And when we say that, we not only mean the many bonus perks that are the premium standard for many top employers, such as attractive facilities, excellent IT equipment including a smartphone and laptop, company cars with all of the finest features, corporate parties and team events ranging from mountain bike tours all the way to triathlons. We contribute to our employees' health and energy with measures such as membership to a national chain of fitness studios which consultants can use throughout Germany, company sports teams, health check-up programs for managers, fruit baskets at the office, and free meals and beverages at our sites.

It matters to us to respond to each and every employee individually and with an eye to their individual needs. This involves offering a variety of programs such as flexible work models adapted to each person’s situation, an intense period of on-the-job training for new tasks, and customized professional development by means of a wide-ranging continuing-education program including training, coaching and mentoring.

Among other things, the positive responses and ratings we receive demonstrate how well this approach is received, as do the high rates of loyalty and employee retention – in some cases, even 15 to 20 years.

Key Benefits working at Staufen

  • Flexible work models

  • Individual personal development

  • Free meals and beverages

  • Health and fitness offers

  • Company cars and optional offers

  • Excellent IT equipment provided

  • Attractive team events

  • High degree of internationality


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