Certified Lean Leader

Lean Leader Training

Certified Lean Leader Training

"The most important lesson is that lean transformations are only sustained by active leadership from the top, where they are part of the core strategy of the organisation. Lean leaders lead from the ground up, unblocking obstacles, setting the improvement direction and developing continuous improvement everywhere. Leaders learn by helping others too learn."

Prof. Daniel T. Jones, Lean Leadership Expert, Author “The Machine That Changed the World“


Why the Certified Lean Leadership ?

The role of a Lean Leader is essential for successful and sustainable introduction of lean management in an organization. The Lean Leader guaranties the feasible implementation of lean processes by excellence leading (self and employee development), and therefore is the pioneer to the top performance in his responsible area.


The Lean Leader changes the organization by...

...implementation of his operative and strategical management jobs

...leading through interaction with his employees

...purposive use of right management instruments and methods

...as well as demand-oriented qualification of its employees as role of mentor.

Certified Lean Leader Course

For the successful completion of the course, you need to achieve 13 Credit Points (equals 13 training days), which can be earned within 24 Monaten by completing 3 core moduls and some electives, that can be chosen and combined freely. Towards the end of the course, a written progress report must be handed in and a test has to be successfully completed. 


Lean Leadership
2× 2 days, 4 Credit Points
Depending on whether you are participating in the one- or two-day Shop Floor Management  training (core module), 3-4 credit points must be achieved. With each training module, you strengthen your leader- and lean competences and broaden your behavioral repertoire. Lean Leadership can only be the basis for process excellence, if it is felt and implemented by the whole organization effectively. This practical implementation is an official part of the training program and will be documented in a progress report. There ist also a test, which needs to be taken towards the end of the course, which will cover the main contents.
Lean Leadership
2× 2 days 4 Credit Points
Shopfloor Management
1-2 days 1-2 Credit Points

Core Modules

Lean Leadership Basics

Program content

  • Lean Transformation: Phases, action areas, approach
  • Basis of lean leadership
  • Role of leaders in Lean Transformation
  • Change management and dealing with resistance
  • Management and leading function in lean context

Target / Learning Purpose

  • Recognize, estimate and reflect your own leadership behavior
  • Learn the relationship between management functions and leadership behavior
  • Improve your management performance
  • Know the success factors and barriers for sustainable
  • Lean Transformation

4 Credit Points: 2 x 2 Days


  • Theory, Practical Exercise, Role Plays, Discussion


  • 24. – 25.07.2017 (Module 2) / Köngen
  • 12. – 13.10.2017 (Module 1) / Köngen
  • 20. – 21.11.2017 (Module 2) / Köngen
  • 01. – 02.02.2018 (Module 1) / Köngen
  • 12. – 13.03.2018 (Module 2) / Köngen


  • 2,890 EUR

We recommend this course as the first course for lean leadership training.


Lean Leadership Advanced

Program content

  • Situational management and cooperative leadership style as a basis for success
  • Relationship among value, attitudes and behavior
  • The mentor mentee principle as the foundation of learning organization
  • Leading by questioning / questioning techniques
  • The leading target as the basis for reflection and feedback
  • Success factors for leading in international environment
  • Introduction of "Blue Sky" methodology

Target / Learning Purpose

  • Leaders can play mentor role in certain situation
  • Give right feedback respectively and professionally
  • Improve reflection ability (for yourself and others)
  • Successful leading by questioning and using questioning techniques in right situation

4 Credit Points: 2 x 2 Days


  • Theory, Pracital Exercise, Role Plays, Discussion


  • 09. – 10.11.2017 (Module 1) / Köngen
  • 29. – 30.01.2018 (Module 2) / Köngen
  • 25. – 26.06.2018 (Module 1) / Köngen
  • 16. – 17.07.2018 (Module 2) / Köngen


  • 2,890 EUR

This course could only be booked after taking the course "Lean Leadership Basics".


Shop Floor-Management 

Program content

  • Shop Floor Management, on-site leadership, tools and attitudes
  • From implementation of individual tools to sustained top performance
  • Structured daily schedule, problem recognition, visualisation and standards
  • The manager in the role of the disciplined superior, coach, moderator and mentor
  • On-site process observation, factory tour, participation at morning meeting and quality meeting
  • Guided tour in manufacturing, assembly, information centre

1 - 2 Credit Points: 1 - 2 Days

You have the possibility to participate on different dates at different BestPractice Partners:

Elective Modules

Yoz have the choice. Depending on whether you are participating in the one- or two-day shop floor management training (core module), 3-4 credit points must be achieved.

Management- und Leadership-Trainings

BestPractice Tours

  • BestPractice Tour Lean Leadership

Individual Coaching

  • It is difficult to achieve a sustainable change in behavior through trainings only. Therefore, it is sensible to work and reflect with a coach (internal or external) to make sure the training has been effective. This is why we recommend adding 2 additional coaching days to your training module. You will also receive 2 credit points for this. During the on-site coaching, you have the opportunity to discuss individual challenges in a protected environment.

Advisory Board

Prof. Daniel T. Jones
Prof. Daniel T. Jones
Founder, Lean Enterprise Academy
Ekkehart Gläser
Ekkehart Gläser
Managing Director Production,
AGCO Fendt
Oliver Guehl
Oliver Guehl
Head of Value Adding Production Systems Component Production, BMW
Joachim Ley
Joachim Ley
Executive Vice President Supply Chain,
RECARO Aircraft Seating
Hans-Karl Moser
Hans-Karl Moser
Lean Leadership Expert, former Head of Global Lean, Hilti


Your booking benefit

Training course without elective module Coaching‘: 
13 training days, including examination fee and certificate.
EUR 8,990. You save up to EUR 1,650 in comparison to a separate booking.


Training course with elective module Coaching
11 training days, 2 days individual coaching, including examination fee and certificate.
EUR 10,990. You save up to EUR 2,460 in comparison to a separate booking.

You can choose your selective modules completely flexible. In case you will exceed 13 training/coaching days due to your selective modules, each additional day will be charged with EUR 600. Discounts cannot be combined. Every training course (apart from Lean leadership deepening) can be booked individually as well.

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