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Experience bestpractice in action.

Visit the best in your industry.

Exclusively for you, we are opening the gates to excellent businesses – our BestPractice partners. Benefit from case studies of successful businesses in the industry on their journey with Lean philosophy --  from the first projects they implemented all the way to developing holistic value-added and management systems.

During your individual BestPractice visits, you will gain insights into what can happen when you launch lean

management at your company too. You will be able to discuss issues with our partners in constructive detail and benefit from their experiences, successes and missteps. You can compare, assess and extrapolate your own ideas and approaches that are relevant to your particular situation and challenges. If you wish, this can take place with the support of our experts — custom-tailored to your requests and specifications.

1. Unternehmens
Wertschöpfungssystem und Verbesserungs-organisation
2. Impulsvorstellung
Die Rolle der Führungskraft im Veränderungsprozess
3. Betriebsrundgang
BestPractice vor Ort erleben
4. Audit
Auswertung des Geschehens anhand eines Quick Checks
5. Transfer
Übertragbarkeit auf den eigenen Bertrieb
6. Ihr Nutzen
Ezellente Wertschöpfungselemente erleben

Learn from the best.

Experience BestPractice Live.

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